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What makes the land fertile?

Fertile land supports healthy and abundant plant life that develops into good quality foods without the need for extra fertilization.

The question is how do we achieve this when our soils are not fertile?

We take a look at what is creating this fertility and we copy that system, this is Biomimicry. the aim is to recreate a natural system of healthy soils which can support your chosen crop without reliance on fertilizers. Using the power of the Microbial world means we can help you achieve long-lasting land fertility the natural way. By selecting the most beneficial microbial communities to inoculate your soils with, you can start to bring fertility back. Having the microbes present is only half the process, if we do not provide a suitable environment for them then you cannot reap the benefits. This means changing some practices that harm our microbes which means they are doing the work rather than us. The more work the microbes do, the less work the farmer has to do and in turn the less money he has to spend working the land. It is a win for everyone! So what practises are we talking about?

  • No-till or minimising soil disturbance

  • Returning organic matter and crop residue to the land

  • Covering the soil with plants 24/7 for 365 days a year

  • Reducing inorganic fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide etc

  • Reducing soil compaction from heavy machinery

These are cost-reducing and soil-improving practices with a focus on the long term finical sustainability of your farm by putting soil health first. Reduce your input costs and develop a thriving soil microbial community to support healthy crops. These are not new technologies or miracle products but a focus on Bio-mimicry and how nature grows plants. We are replicating the natural system by understanding the factors at play in the soil. We at SoilScopes want to offer tools and knowledge to the farmer so that we can fix our soils and cut the reliance on the massively expensive inputs.

How can you grow your produce at the most affordable rate possible while still achieving yield and building soil at the same time?

Contact us today and see what we can offer you.

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