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Organic compost made with living soil

The value of compost lies in its microbial biomass and whether the right community of microbes is present in the right quantities. Bio-complete is a qualification of quality for a compost to achieve, it means the right levels of microbes are present when a soil test is conducted. To be labelled Bio-complete a sample must be assessed by one of our microscope specialists to determine if it is Bio-complete. This is calculated by looking at the biomass of each functional group in the Soil Food Web, if the sample has the right numbers for each group it can be qualified as Bio-complete. This type of soil testing can help you determine if your composting process is producing good biological numbers.

Knowing if the compost is Bio-complete is crucial whether you are buying it or making it yourself. Only by determining the biomass of the different microbial groups can you be sure that you are getting all the right microbes in your inoculum. All the benefits that soils can provide are linked to the biology within them, ensuring that the right biology is there is crucial to the success of any soil system, especially when implemented in organic farming.

As a compost producer, your product can be certified through the Soil Food Web methods to achieve the highest qualification for microbial diversity within a compost, which is certified as Bio-Complete Compost by SoilScopes. Certification in this area means your customers can trust that they are receiving the best compost money can buy. 

Call us today to have your compost tested against the Bio-Complete standards of Dr Elaine Ingham.

SoilScopes workshop about compost making
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