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This test is used to assess the active microbiology within the soil. The results will determine which organisms are present in the soil, what balance they are in and what the total biomass of each organism is. This is an extremely useful test for determining the health of the soil for a number of reasons;

  • Identifying if beneficial microbes are present and what their numbers are.

  • Determining the fungal to bacterial (F: B) ratio helps know which crops this soil best supports.

  • Detection of parasitic or disease-causing micro-organisms.

  • Assessing overall fertility and nutrient cycling capabilities of the soil.

  • Tracking the development of the microbial community to quantify that the organisms are in the correct balance for your crop.

This assessment comprehensively looks at your soil microbiome to determine which organisms are present and what impact that has on your plants. If you are farming in the soil, you need to know what your microbial numbers are and this is the best test for that. 

SoilScopes consultant collects soil samples for microbial analysis




  • Assessing the overall health and productivity of the land.

  • Reducing crop production costs.

  • Buying compost and checking its quality.

  • Deciding which crop will work best in that soil.

  • Converting to organic Agriculture.

  • Determining the fertility of the soil for the season.

  • Trying to get a better understanding of your soil.

Microscope for soil testing services

  1. A sampling kit will be couriered to you along with specific instructions on how to collect the sample.

  2. The sample is collected for assessment and Microbial Biomass Report is emailed back with the results.

  3. The client schedules an online video call with SoilScopes to discuss the results.

This consultation is based on understanding your soil microbiome and how that impacts your crops. The soil microbiome cannot be accurately assessed through the standard CO2 respiration microbial test because it does not take into account the types and ratios of organisms present. This service is for you if you are;

Soil samples are stored for transport to SoilScopes lab

Click on this icon to see a sample report of what you can expect to receive after the assessment is complete. Along with the Biomass of each of the functional groups found within your soils, you will see a recommended range for the desired crop. Having the correct balance of micro-organisms is based on the crop you are growing which is why we compare the recommended range to the range found in your soil. This allows us to determine what needs to be done to restore the balance. 

                         Click here to see a sample report   

Whether you are well educated in soil microbiology or not this test will provide the insights you need to have confidence in your land. Once you have your report back and discussion session you will be far more informed about the processes that take place in our soils. We are certified by the industry leaders in Soil Microbiology so you can rest assured that the information is backup by years of research and has been a massive success when implemented correctly.

Click here to see our certification and the success of those who have used the Soil Food Web technique.


Corn grown in regenerative organic soil
certification map for soilscopes a certified Lab Tech by Dr Elain Ingham
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