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Microscope Training

Learn to work with a Microscope
to test your soil!

Receive training from SoilScopes in using a microscope to assess your soil's microbial activity.

Get to grips with using a Compound Light Microscope and creating visible soil samples to view the microorganisms that inhabit it.
SoilScopes microscope training with Wesley Soule certified lab tech

Master your Microbe Identification skills

Recieve one on one training with SoilScopes
This guided learning program equips you with the knowledge of identification skills to make sense of what you are seeing.

Without training to look at soil samples can be a waste of time. You will receive an identification guide and hours of 1 on 1 practice to gain confidence in knowing what you are looking at.

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SoilScopes microbial Identification training service
Upskill your farming operation with Microscope training and have access to onsite testing at any time.

Ask us about the equipment required for doing the microscope soil testing and training.

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Successfully finish the program and receive digital tools to record your assessments. This training program qualifies you to access our SoilScopes channel where you can ask questions and discuss findings.  
SoilScopes microscope training service
Pat van de Byl - complete the course 31st of May 2023

I would highly recommend the Soil Microscopy course. The amount of material covered is immense, but Wesley has a gift for making it all very understandable and easily absorbed. His great depth of knowledge was a great help in answering my many questions with both patience and good humour! For anyone wanting a deeper knowledge and understanding of how soil fertility functions, and how to identify the little critters that make it all happen this course is a definite MUST!
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