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Learn about those who have partnered with SoilScopes to make the shift to Regenerative Agriculture! This is a place to see the developing stories of farmers who have gone down the path of biologically driven farming.  Follow the process of developing a living soil on some of the farms that have partnered with SoilScopes. 

Tierhoek Organic Fruit Farm

Sheep at tierhoek organic farms
Apricot trees grown organically
Organic farming in Robertson Western Cape South Africa
Sheep at Tierhoek Organic Farm

This beautiful farm up in the mountains of the Nuy valley has been farming fruit organically for the last 20 years. With a wide range of stone fruits, citrus and animals there are many things happening at Tierhoek.  SoilScopes is working directly with the farmer to test their soils and offer assistance in Regenerative practices to combat some of the challenges faced in organic agriculture. After extensive soil testing and discussions around the practices used, a revised project has been established for the next growing season, starting from March 2022. The farm is beginning to implement new practices and SoilScopes will be there to test the results as we watch our microbial community develop. We wait excitedly to see the results of the work in the new season.


If you are interested to learn about what we are implementing on the farm contact us or better yet, visit the farm to see for yourself!


Tierhoek has sort-after luxury cottages in a peaceful valley, surrounded by the mountains of the greater Robertson area. Stay on the farm or explore the Winelands that surround the farm. Find any further information about Tierhoek farms on the link below.

Muizenberg Community Garden

Organic seedlings
Community gardening in organic soil
plant health focuses around soil health

This amazing community-focused garden helps to supplement fresh and organic veggies into a low-cost feeding kitchen. The Kitchen is aimed at supporting those who cannot afford to feed themselves. They have converted an old alleyway filled with rubble into a productive veggie garden with the help of those who benefit from the feeding kitchen. Reliance on volunteers and help from the community means the focus is on low-cost agriculture, something we know all about!

SoilScopes will be volunteering our knowledge and services to help this community garden build their soils. Employing low-cost solutions that boost soil fertility and increase production is the name of the game for this community project. This organic food is the best solution for the low nutritional diet of grains and maize that forms the base of what the kitchen can afford to buy. 


Share the journey of Muizenberg community gardens and  Muizenberg Kitchens as they tackle hunger from the grassroots level. If you want to be involved in this amazing community-based solution drop us a message to find out how. Otherwise, follow SoilScopes for more updates as we build the soil to feed the community! 

(Participatory Guarantee System) Organic Certification

Westerncape PGS farmers care about organics
Proteaseedlings from PGS ORGANICS
PGS farmers looking at organic seedlings
Soil health relates to soil microorganisms, here is SoilScopes testing soil

Organic cultivation is no small feat but that is what this group specialises in. As a member of the global PGS Organics movement, this local PGS group follow the organic principles that allow for certification. The real difference here is that farmers and consumers connect to ensure the quality of the organic produce. By offering traceability from the farmer to the consumer, people can connect with where their food is produced. The Western Cape PGS groups comprise of a number of farms all producing a wide range of organic produce.  To find out more about this organisation and where to source their organic produce follow the link below

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