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Soil testing on your farm with results and discussion
A SoilScopes consultant on-site for a deep dive into what Regenerative Agriculture can do for you.

This service is focused on bringing the consultant to the producer to begin to look at ways to introduce biologically driven solutions. Having a consultant to run through the vision and restraints that the producer's faces mean SoilScopes can offer an action plan that is made to suit the needs of the land. This is a day visit service where a consultant will run through a series of questionnaires and discussions to gather the information vital to implementing a regenerative system on that site. 

The consultant will collect samples at a number of locations at the site to conduct Microbial Biomass Assessments back at the Lab. These results will form the Site Visit Report which will contain feedback from the questionnaires, a proposed plan for how a regenerative system would operate and what the transition would require. Having results from a Microbial Biomass Assessment means the recommendations are backed by findings from the soil along with an understanding of the farms' context. 

The recommendations made in the site visit report allow the farmer to implement things as they see fit. The results can be verified by using follow up Microbial Biomass Assessments to determine if the microbial community is developing in the desired way. The Site Visit gives the farmer a chance to consider what moving to organic and regenerative would look like with recommended steps to achieving a successful transition. This is a great starting point for someone considering the shift to get expert advice on what they can expect for the transition of their land.

Having time with the consultant to walk through the operating procedures of the farm means all products and management can be reviewed to determine if any adaptations need to be made. Another vital step is to review the tools and equipment needed to utilise biological solutions. Small adaptations can be made to avoid damaging soil development or microbial inoculations that are being applied. Looking through all the management procedures means that any activities that will cause potential setbacks can be addressed beforehand. The consultant will care to go through some of the common issues faced with the land transition along with looking through issues that relate to the context of the farm.

If you are considering alternative methods of agriculture which emphasise soil health and farmer empowerment you have found the right service. Moving away from rising input costs and reliance on chemical fertilisation means you as the farmer are able to take control of your bottom line and invest back into your soil.

Sample reports and proposals are available on request.


Contact us for a free consultation call to discuss what SoilScopes can do for you.

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Agricultural Fields farmed organically with living soil
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