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Interactive workshops on living soil and composting!

Take a deep dive in soil microorganisms, regenerative farming, composting, sustainability and organic practices. Learn the principles of soil health and how you can harness the power of microorganisms to regenerate your soil. 

Soilscopes workshop on living soil
Soilscopes compost making workshop
Learn how to make your own compost and soil blends

We offer hands-on learning that brings the theory to life. Get your hands dirty and make your own compost, soil blends and other gardening inputs at one of our workshops.

Take what you make home with you!

Meet the enthusiastic gardeners, compost makers, farmers and environmentally conscious people who attend these workshops. Making connections with those interested in this field is a key part of the workshop's engagement.

meeting people and taking home your compost at the workshop
Organic Home Garden
feedback from participant of the soilscopes workshop stephan le roux

Stefan Le Roux
Compost maker
Workshop participants

I would give 10 out of 5 if it was an option. By far the smartest guys if came across when it comes to composting and soil health. I’ve spent close to 100 hours on Google and YouTube to get the required information to make above average compost for the community garden that I’m involved with.

Although I thought I knew a lot already, his hands on training, day that myself and my assistant/labourer attended, connected all the dots and missing info I was looking for. We got some really insightful information broken down into simple terms and language for anyone to understand.

His book goes into lots more detail on certain elements and it always comes in handy when I want to go back to check up on certain issues and minor details that I’m not sure about.
He has been testing our compost from time to time to make sure we stay on the right rack and we have definitely seen a significant improvement on the quality of our compost and growth in the garden since getting him involved.

The Compost thermometer that he has available is also a game changer and takes a lot of the guess work out of the turning of our pile to ensure better success with our compost.

I would also like to thank him for always being available via phone or Whatsapp, as he always tries to assist if I have more questions or need advice and recipes to make compost extract and teas that we are starting to use now. Thanks Wes, and keep up the good work.

SoilScopes composting and living soil workshop photo

Fatima Damon
Home gardener -
participant 2022

"Thank you so much for today. The venue is perfect but even if you did this workshop in the middle of nowhere, in a shed, what I have learned totally blew my mind - once I got to understand the micro organisms and how they work within the soil and the sun and the rain. Then it was nothing new you were explaining. I just always understood it as mother nature doing her job as she has done for millennia.  Today I learned that we as mankind has hampered her perfect process and her perfect balance with chemicals in the name of progress and now we sit with soil almost completely devoid of nutrients and micro organisms. Wow!! I learned the basics of organic gardening 20 years ago and now I learned a little  the science of the soil. May God Bless you and your partner with so much more knowledge and more workshops to train more people. You are helping to save the planet and that is huge!!! Looking forward to tomorrow.  Wow!! I haven't stopped talking about what I have learnt." 

feedback from participant of the soilscopes workshop

Alex Woolfe
Market Gardener
Workshop participants

Thanks Wesley at Soil Scope for the fantastic service you offer us at Goldings Market Garden. We really have gained so much insight into our soil life and how to enhance our soil further. The feedback you have given us is a clear indication of what we should be doing to improve our processes, i.e. making quality compost which we can use in multiple ways

Weekend long workshop by soilscopes
Informative talks
The Weekend Workshop

We offer a variety of courses and content packages based on what you'd like to learn. From weekend-long workshops down to informational talks. Contact us to see which packages we can offer to you for groups between 14 to 40 in size.

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Wesley Soule owner at soilscopes doing presentations
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