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Using a compost thermometer is the key to making good-quality compost which can restore soil health back to your land. This is the tool you will use to determine when the pile needs to be turned. 

Digital Compost Thermometer

This Thermometer has a 1-meter-long probe which is designed to measure the heat at the centre of your compost thermometer. 

The robust build is perfect for any composting operation large or small.

The digital display gives you accurate readings from the tip of the 1-meter probe.

Soilscopes compost thermometer


Order yours today!

Each thermometer goes for R950.00 and is shipped to your door.


We offer hard-case plastic protective sheaths, I recommend ordering your thermometer with its own protective case. This will keep your thermometer working for years to come.

Contact us HERE to order yours.

SoilScopes compost thermometer
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