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Organically grown seeds in compost and soil
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Regenerating South African Soils with Biological Solutions.

About SoilScopes

SoilScopes centres on Agriculture that empowers farmers to put soil health first by using innovative regenerative practices. The aim is to return to a more natural system that produces higher-quality foods at lower costs to the farmer. Providing better profit margins along with more ecologically based practices means the farmer is able to restore fertility back to the land. The result of this is less reliance on inorganic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. It is about embracing the system nature designed for plants to thrive in by removing harmful and costly practices which have no place in modern agriculture.

Microscope view of fungi and bacteria


Soil sampling and a detailed
report with your soil's microbial

data. Your results are compared to
Dr. Elaine Ingham's recommendations 
for your crop.

Onsite soil sample collection for microbial analysis and details guide for introducing Regenerative practices. .

Onsite testing and regenerative system designed for your unique context.

Elevate the value of your compost with a Bio-Complete Certificate.


A personalised strategy for the shift to Organic Agriculture with increased margins.

Compost and soil to grow healthy plants organically
Regenerative system design services
SoilScopes soil testing services
Project strategy and consultation for soil testing

Analysis of your crop's sap content by testing BRIX levels. This helps determine the plant's resistance to pests and pathogens along with giving you info on how well the plant is uptaking nutrition.     

BRIX TESTING Service offered by soilscopes
Presentation on soil health

Book a spot at our next workshop on soil, microbes and composting. Learn about all things related to regenerative farming. 

Learn to work with a Microscope
to test your soil!

Receive training from SoilScopes in using a microscope to assess your soil's microbial activity.
Microscope training program offered by soilscopes
Soilscopes offering compaction assessment

Assess your land for compaction layers which can prevent water infiltration and oxygen diffusion leading to unhealthy crops. 

Get your soil's hardness mapped and get advice on biological solutions for your compaction.


This long-probe Digital Composting Thermometer will help you to make the best quality compost everytime.

Compost Thermometer made by soilscopes
Guide to living soil and composting E-Book Written by Wesley Soule

Learn about what living soil is and how to make the most out of your compost with our 80-page guide.


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